Cash Drawer

CR-3100 Series

The CR-3100 Series is compact cash drawer. Boasting its high reliability and durability, the CR-3100 series have screw-less tamper-resistant design and robust case. It offers adjustable 5 coin and 5 bill compartments for general use.

Function Compact Cash Drawer
Material Ruggedized with reinforced steel
Till Insert • 5 adjustable bill compartments with plastic bill clip
• 5 fixed bill compartment with metal bill clip for CR-3100-US
• Adjustable coin compartments
Cheque Slot Yes
Interface CR-3100/CR-3100-US: Printer driven, powered by printer or Posiflex system CR port, support 12V/24V voltage range;
CR-3104: Dedicated Serial, powered by 12V DC PC power kit;
CR-3115: USB, powered by standard USB, auto step up to 12V
Dimension (W x D x H in mm) 400 x 415 x 90
Weight (N. W. in kg) 6.95
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