Cash Drawer

CR-6300 Series

The CR-6300 Series is the latest offering from Posiflex and is a turn-key replacement for the CR-6200 Series. It inherits an embedded power coat anti-scratch finish that protects surface from wear and tear. The enclosure includes a patented "screwless" tamper resistant design. The CR-6300 Series provides reliable performance in the most demanding retail environments.

Function Heavy Duty Cash Drawer
Material Rugged design with reinforced heavy gauge steel construction
Till Insert Various cash tray configurations
Cheque Slot Yes
Interface CR-6310B: Printer driven, powered by printer or Posiflex system CR port, support 12V/24V voltage range;
CR-6314B: Dedicated Serial, powered by 12V DC PC power kit;
CR-6315B: USB, powered by 12V DC adaptor;
CR-6325B: USB, powered by standard USB, auto step up to 12V
Dimension (W x D x H in mm) 426 x 456 x 100
Weight (N. W. in kg) 8.8
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